Integrate Rich TextEditor to Community Server 2007

The following guide shows the steps to implement a Rich TextEditor for .NET Control into Community Server 2007 application. If you haven't downloaded the software, please download it from here.

1. Copy RichTextEditor client folder

The "richtexteditor" folder and all file it contains should be deployed to your application root path.

2. Deploy RichTextEditor.dll assembly and license file

Copy the following files to your application bin folder from 'integration package\bin' folder.

  • RichTextEditor.dll
  • Telligent.RTEWraper.dll
  • NetSpell.SpellChecker.dll
  • richtexteditor.lic
  • *.dic (dictionary files)

3. Edit your communityserver.config and locate the "editors" section. Change it to:

This section can be found in 'integration package\communityserver-merge.xml' file.

4. Add Uploader httpModule to web.config's httpModules list

To allow Rich TextEditor to upload large files, you need to add Uploader HttpModule to your application.

IIS 5.0, 6.0 and IIS 7.0 Classic mode

      <add name="UploadModule" type="RTE.UploadModule,RichTextEditor"/>

IIS 7.0 Integrated mode

      <add name="UploadModule" type="RTE.UploadModule,RichTextEditor"/>

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