Specifies whether the URL should be converted to a site root relative path (/html/images/image1.gif) or an absolute path (http://www.mysite.com/images/image1.gif).

Namespace: RTE
Assembly: RichTextEditor (in RichTextEditor.dll) Version: (


public enum RTEURLType
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration RTEURLType
Visual C++
public enum class RTEURLType


Member nameValueDescription
Default0 The URL is not converted.
SiteRelative1 The URL is converted into a site root relative path. A site root relative path describes the location of the destination file by describing the route the browser must take from the Web site's root folder (top level in the folder structure). For example, a site root-relative path to an image may appear as: /html/images/image1.gif
Absolute2 The URL is converted into an absolute path. An absolute path describes the physical location of a file on a machine or the exact location of a file on the Internet. An absolute path on your hard drive might appear as: An absolute path might appear as: http://www.mysite.com/images/image1.gif

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