RichTextEditor has taken steps to improve image insertion functions. A new and innovative capability is Automatic Image Resizing. If uploaded images are too large to display for your applications (for example the width of image is bigger than MaxImageWidth), automatic resizing makes them fit and keep the original ratio automatically.

How to Enable or Disable Automatic Image Resizing

You can enable or disable automatic image resizing using the following methods:

Edit security policy file

The security policy file (default.config, admin.config and guest.config) can be found in the richtexteditor/config folder. In security policy file you can find the security setting LargeImageMode. This setting defines exactly what will happen to the Images larger than the maximum dimensions set in the settings.

LargeImageMode setting has three values:

You can modify this settings to meet your own requirements.

<security name="LargeImageMode">resize</security>

Programmatically enable or disable Automatic Image Resizing

RichTextEditor provides a powerful method named Editor.SetSecurity that allows you programmatically manage the security settings.

Editor1.SetSecurity("*", "*", "LargeImageMode", "resize"); 

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