Enumerates the manners in which the editor handles pasted text.

Namespace: RTE
Assembly: RichTextEditor (in RichTextEditor.dll) Version: (


public enum RTEPasteMode
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration RTEPasteMode
Visual C++
public enum class RTEPasteMode


Member nameValueDescription
Default0 Default action defined in the client side configuration file (richtexteditor\scripts\config.js)
Disabled1 Paste function is disabed.
Paste2 When you pasting the html code into the editor, the empty tags, redundant nested tags and messy or unreadable HTML code are automatically cleaned up.
PasteText3 When you paste text into the editor, all HTML formatting is stripped except for paragraph marks. This option is ideal for content management systems where you want to import text from other word processors and strip off any strange formatting commands they included.
PasteWord4 When you pasting the content from Word into the editor, the non-required code that usually comes with pasting from Word are automatically cleaned up.
ConfirmWord5 When you pasting the content from Word into the editor, will prompt users with a popup prompt to clean the non-required code.

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