Rich Text Editor for ASP.NET is a powerful, professional ASP.NET Server control that enables .Net developers to embed a word processor, similar to Microsoft Word into a web form or MVC page. This Web-based WYSIWYG Content Editing tool empowers business users with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for creating and publishing web content. This documentation should provide everything you need to customize the Rich Tex tEditor control for your particular application.

Namespace: RTE
Assembly: RichTextEditor (in RichTextEditor.dll) Version: (


public class Editor : WebControl, INamingContainer, 
	IUploadImageProvider, IPostBackDataHandler
Visual Basic
Public Class Editor _
	Inherits WebControl _
	Implements INamingContainer, IUploadImageProvider, IPostBackDataHandler
Visual C++
public ref class Editor : public WebControl, 
	INamingContainer, IUploadImageProvider, IPostBackDataHandler


Rich Text Editor for .NET supports all Internet Explorer versions from 6.0 up on Windows, Chrome, Firefox 2.0+, Netscape 7.1+, Mozilla 1.3+, Opera 9.x, Safari (2.0+) or any other browser with an equivalent gecko layout engine on any platform where these browsers are available. This includes Macintosh and Linux.

Keep in mind that you don't need a supported browser to see HTML pages generated using Rich Text Editor for .NET, you just need a supported browser to edit with Rich Text Editor for .NET. If you attempt to use Rich Text Editor for .NET using a browser that is not supported Rich Text Editor for .NET will display a regular textarea. You will still be able to edit the document, but only in HTML code view.

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