About Us

Richscripts Inc. is a Canadian company established in 2003, specializing in building high quality, reusable web components and enterprise class software solutions.

Our solutions


My Live Chat is a customer service and sales tool for your website that enables visitors to instantaneously communicate with your personnel.


Rich Text Editor for asp.net is by far the fastest, cleanest, most powerful online wysiwyg content editor for ASP.NET and MVC.


Javascript Obfuscator converts the JavaScript source code into obfuscated and completely unreadable form, preventing it from analyzing and theft.


ZChat Enterprise offers an on-premises Live Chat Solution. Protect customer data and other proprietary information by ensuring it never leaves your data-center.

Cute Editor for .NET

The most powerful browser-based WYSIWYG Editor for ASP.NET. Clean, lightweight and extremely fast loading.

Free Obfuscato

Free .NET obfuscator is an online obfuscation tool that helps protect .NET exes and dlls against reverse-engineering by making it difficult for a third-party to access your source code.

Ajax Uploader

An easy to use, hi-performance ASP.NET upload component. Select and upload multiple files.

Cute Chat

A full-featured ASP.NET chat software which allows website owners to add chat rooms to their website.

Cute Live Support

A real-time online chat support. Let your customer reach out and speak with your representatives.


Group video chat. Skype alternative. Guests won’t have to register to join. Just send them the room link to join in the browser.

Company values

The Richscripts culture

Hit heavy, stay small

Tight-knit, dynamic teams work with more agility, communication, and freedom than large-scale companies.

Ambition by the boatload

We love people who aim for greatness. They inspire and excite their teammates, raising the bar for all of us.

Open communication

We're big fans of transparency for many reasons, but the abridged version is: it makes easier.

Autonomy and attitude

We're a team of self-starters who take serious pride in our work – and it shows.

Support and win

When we empower others to succeed, we all win. (And we're not talking about participation trophies.)

Teamwork makes the dream work

We work together to bring our passions and expertise to make Teachable the best it can be.