There is an arrow button right to the insert template button. When users click this arrow button, the code snippet treeview will display. The code snippet is a convenient tool for displaying a predefined set of code snippets. You can create a code snippet treeview programmatically or by modifying the richtexteditor\config\statictemplates.xml. If you want to disable the code snippet treeview, you can use set this property to true.

Namespace: RTE
Assembly: RichTextEditor (in RichTextEditor.dll) Version: (


public RTEBooleanValue DisableStaticTemplates { get; set; }
Visual Basic
Public Property DisableStaticTemplates As RTEBooleanValue
Visual C++
property RTEBooleanValue DisableStaticTemplates {
	RTEBooleanValue get ();
	void set (RTEBooleanValue value);

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